We are all aware that choosing the right school for our children is one of the most important decisions; an exciting decision which affects the life of a family. It is important to find the right school where your child can enter the exciting empire of knowledge, learning and science. 

With this brief review below we would like to help you selecting the right school for your child.


What is our school like? 

Our school is located in the 2nd district of Budapest; in the middle of a green area, as if we were on the outskirts of the city where the air is nice and unpolluted, on the top of Rózsadomb (Rose Hill). 

In the school building, in addition to primary education we offer several opportunities for young children: there is a crèche for the very young under 3, a nursery for children between ages 3 and 5, and there is a kindergarten for the 5-year olds. 

The school’s qualified teaching staff teaches with great enthusiasm and creativity and is committed to project this positive attitude onto students.

The number of students per class does not usually exceed 19, which makes our student groups “family-like”. This allows us to pay individual attention to children, and to take care of their personal and skill development.

There is one class on each year. 

We do not ignore the importance of play and so we are aware that playing and learning are equally important – thus games and plays are incorporated in our teaching in accordance with age levels.

During their first school year our students are surrounded by an especially relaxed atmosphere, which makes the acquisition and improvement of the two most important skills, reading and writing easier.

Our objective is that our students grow up with a love for reading. Therefore we put great emphasis on reading, spelling and communication at all times. 

We strive to make mathematics fun and so we use special materials to develop their skills in the fields of calculus and logical thinking.

In the afternoons our students can stay in school to experience a different learning experience compared to mornings. (Our students take their schoolbags to school on Mondays and do not need to take them home until the week end.)

We offer a wide range of programmes during the school year: school trips, forest schools, summer and ski holidays, grape harvest balls, Halloween parties… We also organise a Christmas Gala Night and “cookie fairs”, a children’s week, a Science week, a creativity week, and End-of-term Gala and a variety of school competitions and contests.

We love and take care for traditions and are keen to have ideas to create new ones.

We also provide special activities for our students to make use of their free time: there is a selection of study circles and sports clubs like Music classes (piano and guitar), Drawing and Arts, Information Technology, Chess, Mini Football, Judo, Archery, Gymnastics, Italian, Science in English, German and Helen Doron’s English Language course.

There is a speech therapist available at the school and we always have a teacher who can always focus on the ones with difficulties.

In year six, children take 3 examinations: Hungarian Grammar and Literature, English and an optional third subject. At the age of twelve this provides a good opportunity to get a sense of what an examination is like.  

At the end of year 7 students know enough to take an English language exam. 

During the 7th and 8th year Hungarian Grammar, Literature, and Mathematics are in focus so that students can continue their studies with success in any secondary school they choose. 

We prepare students for test-writing so that their entrance exam will not be something strange or completely unknown. 

During year eight our school can offer children a number of secondary schools to visit and familiarise with first-hand. 

Our school has special training programmes in three fields:

1, Language teaching-bilingual syllabus

    Syllabus for the development of especially talented children in two fields:

2, Mathematics-Science subjects

     3, Arts-literature, drama, dancing, music


The main prophile of our school

1, The bilingual syllabus 

In the academic year 2008-09 we started our bilingual Hungarian-English language teaching programme in our first class in addition to the syllabus for developing students with special skills. 

In all other classes language teaching is also one of our strengths; students have English lessons five times a week. 

In the bilingual classes, besides the five English lessons per week, children have a Science lesson, a Music lesson and two P. E. lessons in English. We also teach them Mathematics in English by using the special method of team teaching. 

During the English lessons in the bilingual classes students study in two groups, and one of their lessons is conducted by a native English speaker. 

In the breaks and afternoons our teachers of English use the target language for the purpose of improving our students’ English communication. 

During the first year of their studies children do not read or write in English, they simply acquire the language by using songs, toys, games, situations, and stories. 

Our aim is to develop the communication strategies of children and this is helped by a great variety of language input at school. 

Our important aim is that children could be able to pass at least an elementary English language exam before they leave the school. 

During the learning process we always keep in mind that children can be provided with different amounts of knowledge, so we often use different tasks in accordance with their individual abilities, which is especially important when it comes to English. 

Our task is to teach students how to think in English, how to use the target language to get information, to communicate or how to use the language for different aims.

Students must understand that learning a language is a life-long process, only by understanding this can they become bilingual and can they keep up the level of the acquired language. 

It is of main importance that our students’ self-confidence is developed when it comes to communication. We always offer them the possibilities to travel to target language countries, or simply we encourage them to read or correspond in English. Thus their personality can be enriched as well. 

Students are encouraged to be brave enough to speak in a foreign language without inhibitions, this is why we concentrate on speaking first before we teach them how to read or write. 

Students can learn about English culture and customs as well, we focus on special festivals and celebrations like Pancake Day, St Patrick’s Day or Thanksgiving Day. 

At our school we also concentrate on teachers as professionals: a mentor from ELTE University has workshops with them on the premises so they will have enough motivation throughout their career. 


2, 3, Nurturing talents 


During the first and second years we nurture talents in our classes in modules, thus students have special sessions with their teachers during the days, every week.

Within the art section of the syllabus there is a weekly Folk Dance and a Drama lesson, and we also offer judo and gymnastics.

From the third year, children choose subjects according to their likes and decisions. They have Arts or Science related lessons which they attend every two weeks.

They can also have Dance or Drama lessons.

Our aim is to show children how important it is to love Science and Art.

During our drama lessons children try role plays, act out situations, and during our workshop afternoons we develop their manual skills and creativity.

Cooperative learning, projects, integrated learning, and the subject ecology can make our days a bit more colourful throughout the school-term.

During the learning and teaching process we always keep in mind that children can be provided with different amounts of knowledge, so we often use different tasks in accordance with their individual abilities. Thus, capable students can do special activities, while others can catch up with their studies or practise a bit more.

Beyond teaching children, one of our main goals we achieve here is that they are capable of thinking independently, while the teaching process lets them experience. So learning becomes an exciting adventure for them.

Another one of our aims is that students should be brave enough to take part in competitions with good results. 

Our aims


We would like our students to become children who are capable of working in a cooperative atmosphere, while they have cheerful personalities.

They can become people who can think independently.

At this school the art and pleasure of learning, the possibility of self-study are in focus instead of teaching unnecessary facts.

Our staff educates students with the desire to learn, they can be self-confident enough to set targets, yet they can enjoy their time and can work in harmony.

Our school places great emphasis on developing European thinking and comprehensive education.

After the eighth class we would like our students to become successful by choosing the right secondary school as the perfect continuation of their studies, and of course, later we will be happy to see them enter universities.

It is also really important that we would like to have a special approach to our students’ parents to create an atmosphere in which the school and the family can feel that are objectives are common.

This process is helped by our kindergarten, nursery, and schoolteachers; a staff which is capable of common thinking.


Admission to our school is possible if:

  • your child has a positive expert’s report from a nursery or kindergarten (only needed when the child starts school)
  • your child has a  good result of an ability and skill examination
  • the parents can contribute to our school’s foundation


You can have advantages during the admission process if:

  • you have a child who is already one of our students
  • your child is already one of the members of our institution as a kindergarten student
  • you bring your child here before the first year of his or her studies and take part in our regularly held preparatory lessons



Our school is supported by:

Rózsabimbó Óvoda és Bölcsőde Alapítvány

1022 Budapest, Bimbó út 113-115.

Our school is subsidized by the following foundation:

Bimbó Úti Óvoda Bölcsőde Alapítvány

1022 Budapest, Bimbó út 113-115

Telefon: 061-326-6648